Learning with joy
Lily of the Valley Montessori Center
As parents of two young children, our most important priority was to find a place for our children where they feel loved, respected and cared dearly for, while we are at work. After searching many years, our children joined Lily of the Valley Montessori daycare. That was our most blessed place where our children felt welcome. We were finally able to relax at work knowing that somebody takes good care of them.
From the very first time they visited Lily of the Valley Daycare they felt like they were at home. The place and backyard felt so welcome. My son, Markus, jumped right away to play in the sand.  Tina has such a pleasant and warm personality. With care and consideration, protecting and guiding them she made an unforgettable impression on my children's life. Now that they don't need to go to the daycare anymore, they are still referring to "Tina's cooking book" (my daughter took notes in her cooking book while Tina showed them how to prepare a salad, or pikle vegetables, or do crispy rice cookies, egg salad...) Just last week, she prepared "dinner" for mommy: a delicious salad from "Tina's recipe book" how she calls it. They were tought and explored everything from good manners and cooking, to plants, animals, insects and birds. They were encouraged to make friends with the children there, and they did. My son for example still longs to go to Tina's house to meet with his friends (who happended to be girls).
Anyway, after all, as parents we would encourage and recommend anyone to trust their children in Tina's care at Lily of the Valley Montessori and they will never be disappointed.

Tabita and Valentin,
Maple Ridge