Learning with joy
Lily of the Valley Montessori Center
Hello, my name is Floarea (Tina) Stanila. I am excited to be the owner of the Lily of the Valley Montessori Centre. I am a licensed teacher in ECE and Montessori.
From a young age I wanted to be a teacher for young children. Fortunately enough, until now this was the only profession I practiced. My experience is in various centres: Montessori Daycare, ECE - Regio Emilia, Montessori Preschool and Before and After School.
In all the centres I was lucky to teach wonderful children and to meet great teachers who enriched my life and gave me great professional experience.
I am excited to start this journey with you and your children where they can reach their greatest potential through the Montessori approach and material as well learning with joy through felt board stories, props, finger play, rhymes and games.
I am married and I have two wonderful boys so I understand how busy and challenging the family life could be sometimes. We moved in Maple Ridge last year and we are happy to live in this quiet, nice, area that is full of nature.
In my free time I like sewing, reading, gardening and being in the nature.