Learning with joy
Our Philosophy
Lily of the Valley Montessori Center
A child is like a flower. In order to grow properly you must nurture it. Lily of the Valley is a flower with pure, white blossoms like a child's heart.

The curious mind of young children is filled with infinite possibilities of learning. Lily of the Valley will provide the opportunity for children to learn through the Montessori material and activities for each child at his or her greatest potential.

The weekly themes are reinforced with realistic material like fruits, vegetables, plants and different objects and things to help the children to learn by touching, looking, tasting and feeling. At the same time the theme group activities will bring the traditional rhymes, songs, and stories presented in a very entertaining way with lots of felts and props. This will make very memorable moments in a child's life.

Understanding that each child is unique, it is our goal at the Lily of the Valley Center to meet the social, emotional, physical, creative, intellectual and cultural needs for each individual child. It is also a goal that we build an open honest and healthy relation between the parents, staff and children.

We believe that children should live as children today if they are to become fulfilled adults of tomorrow.